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Quiz: Robert Eggers

Director of The Witch (2015), The Lighthouse (2019), Robert Eggers recently released his third feature film, The Northman (2022). How much do you know about him and his work?

#1. What was the name of Robert Eggers' first short film?

#2. In what decade is The Lighthouse set?

#3. Which of Eggers' regular collaborators did not feature in The Witch

#4. What was the name of the goat used to portray "Black Phillip" in the Witch?

#5. Eggers is attached to direct a remake of which popular silent film as his fourth feature?

#6. Which of Robert Eggers' three feature films did NOT have a co-writer?

#7. Which of Eggers' feature films was featured in Steven Jay Schneider's "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die"?

#8. The Lighthouse took inspiration from which Greek mythological figure?

#9. Who wrote the score for both The Witch and The Lighthouse?

#10. Which singer was originally attached to star in Eggers' upcoming fourth feature?



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